Baddest Brain

by Krang

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released February 23, 2016

recorded and mastered at METALGATE STUDIO (Czech republic)

album cover by ZU Yande



all rights reserved


Krang Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic

Defend skatepunk since 2015.

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Track Name: Lions of Kurdistan
A lot of shortcuts you can hear today
All of them are freedom fighters
Who‘s fighting for better days

Don´t be afraid to pick a gun
Defend the country from ISIS man
None of them will simply run
they‘re Lions of Kurdistan

For freedom , For Freedom
When they ask you why?
For Freedom , For Freedom
Fight until you die!

They cant go north, they cant go west
Turkish army will do their best
Can´t go south , can´t go east
Directly to the Iraqi beast.
Track Name: Krang must be sXe
He´s not a hardcore fan
but if he was,
he would love Good Clean Fun
just because.

He can´t mosh
he has no legs
all this doesn´t mean
he´s not a straight edge.

He doesn´t drink he doesn´t eat
I think he doesn´t even sleep
He doesn´t have random sex
And he´s from Dimension X

As you can see
He is everything free
That makes him more edge
Than anyone will ever be

So dont give up , with your PMA will
You can be drug free it keeps you thrill
Track Name: Skateistan
There is a weird state
Where girls can´t ride a bike
So one smart guy
gives them a sk8 to ride

Now they have fun
and they can feel more free.
That‘s the way
how it should be

Welcome to Skateistan
Keep rollin
Break the rules a drop it down
Ride, slide and sk8 your town
Track Name: I wanna be Hellboy
When they ask me
What do you want to do
When you grow up
When you become adult
What do you want to do?

Nobody expects
I just want to be true
Do what I like, do what is cool.
And here's my answer:

I wanna be hellboy
Hanging out with B.P.R.D.
I wanna be hellboy
Destroy all monsters you don´t want to see
Killing ocult nazis with my team
Hell yeah that's my dream.

I´m not as smart as Abe
I´m not as hot as Liz – my babe
But superhealing and fireproof
With strong right hand of doom

They say : you bring apocalypse
But I just want help and eat pancakes
And do things which I do best
Like punch Rasputin to the face
Track Name: Casey Jones
If fighting crime is your task
don‘t do it without the mask.
Casey knows it well
hockey masks have the spell.

No need for superpower
to do what is right.
Just take sport equipment
go hunt during the night.


He’s the man who will clean the mess
Casey Jones will kick your ass
Man who breaks every mugger‘s bones
That‘s Casey Jones.

Never felt cold of prison steel
But fall in love trap with April O’Neal.

It‘s not the end of the story kids
Still serving justice on the streets.
Track Name: Nazi at the HC show
What are you doing here?
Why are you coming here?
What are you doing here?
When nobody wants you here.

You must be fucking idiot
They beat you at school don´t they?
Oh! You are a nazi
Well than it´s OK!

It‘s more like treachery
Like a vegan in a butchery (you are an asshole)
a bit of mystery
Like celiac in a bakery (you are an asshole)
Don‘t hesitate and strike a blow
When you see
Nazi at the hardcore show

Pay to see a band
Who‘s singing you´re asshole
That‘s a fucking stupid stand
You should rather move to south pole
Track Name: First blood
Walk a long way out of the Nam
Just to find out that he’s the last one
So he keeps on walking direction north
But Will Teasle don´t let him forth

They say he´s a criminal
And they treat him like an animal
Escape and fight back was the only way
End up with hunt and violence.

Killing machine
who don´t draw first blood
Staying alive but his enemies not
Surviving where nobody can
Far away from being a simple man

Afganistan or Burma he doesn´t care
just complete a mission and get out of there
Living in peace would be great
But for John war is his fate
Track Name: Seagull
He´s not a lawman
Cause he´s above the law
He´s a dangerous man
Who will show you black down

He is marked for death
He is under siege
But he´s still
Out of reach

He went out for a kill
Just like you go for a dinner
Half past dead
But he´s alway a winner

The only one who walks into the sun
One man attack force who get things done
Track Name: Simon Phoenix
John try to save them in a rush
But it end up building crush
They both are convicted at ease
So now they‘re gonna freeze

Woke up in 2032
So what he’s gonna do?
Goodbye to peace,
Goodbye to smile, goodbye

Surprise! He´s on rise!
There was no one to make him stop
Only 96 best, 96 best cop

Be well John Spartan
Simon says bleed.
This is his only skill, only will.
Murder, death, kill.
Track Name: Top Fun
When Stinger realize
That those two are his top
And nothing makes them stop

Iceman hates him
for his unsafe flying
But Stinger knows
He‘s just a crying little boy.

Maverick and Goose
fly like nothing to lose
All Migs will be blown
When they fly to the danger zone

But shit happens
Even to the best
Ejecting kills Goose
Now he‘s on the rest

Taken out of party
They were put them to the test

6 migs on radar
Wow that‘s a mess
Track Name: OK USA
He run from the army
To reach Hong Kong
He meet with the Jackson
Then hear first gong

he saw Chong Li
But who should know
how brutal is he?

That‘s what he say
Win the fucking Kumite
Then go away

Round after round
He´s coming for prize
he became a champion
with salt in his eyes

round after round
follow the fate
from the time he saw and touched
Tanaka‘s blade